2018 Rules


  1. Pre-fishing cut off is 10:00 PM on the Sunday before each tournament

  2. 5 fish limit 12” minimum length

  3. Short fish will be a one (1) pound deduction and loss of that fish

  4. Must have a working live well

  5. No live bait

  6. Winners to be determined by total bag weight

  7. Ties will be determined by number of fish, big fish, then coin toss

  8. Life jackets are required when gas powered outboard is running

  9. Boats late for weigh in will be disqualified

  10. No alcoholic beverages allowed in boat during fishing hours

  11. All State of Minnesota fishing and boating regulations apply

  12. You must obey all signs on the lake

  13. Ease off drawn the morning of the tournament, last boat drawn will call out ease off positions

  14. All boats to check in half hour (30 minutes) prior to take off

  15. Basic liability insurance required on boat used in tournament

  16. Any violations of State fishing rules, tournament rules or un-sportsman like conduct is grounds for disqualification without refund

  17. Tournament director has the right to refuse entry to anyone who has a history of grievances, violations and inappropriate behavior

  18. Decisions by the tournament director are final

  19. Tournament hours are from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

  20. Blocking any channel that has fishable water behind it is not allowed